Annual Report 2018

dpa product portfolio

Selection of the most important dpa products

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dpa-Basic Service
The Basic Service is dpa’s core service. It reports on events of worldwide and national interest. 

dpa-Regional Services
The 12 dpa regional services offer up-to-date, comprehensive regional news from all countries of the Federal Republic of Germany.

dpa’s broadcasting service presents the daily news in Germany and the world.

The dpa-AudioService delivers news items and features on all the top news stories with original sound, discussions and interviews. 

dpa international (English)
Around 200 daily reports from the relevant news categories in English.

dpa Photo international
Approximately 400 photos every day from all over the world. From dpa photographers and 30 international photo partners.

AP World News
AP’s German-language world news reports around the clock: Reports, summaries and features on international topics.  

dpa internacional (Spanish)
In cooperation with EuropaPress, dpa internacional delivers news from all the relevant news categories in Spanish.

dpa international Arabic
World news in Arabic from the relevant news categories such as politics, business and sport.

Daily news and background information across all departments – for TV stations, digital portals and social media channels.

News infographics on the issues of the day in Germany and the world as well as diverse explanatory graphics.

dpa-News for children
Child-friendly news for six to 12-year-olds. Cross-media content including background information, definitions, graphics and puzzles.

dpa-Custom Content
dpa's on-demand editorial team that fulfills commissions for text, photo, graphics, audio and video.

dpa's scheduling and planning tool includes around 10,000 events and anniversaries from politics, business, culture, entertainment and sport.

Customized information about world events taken from the politics, business and other editorial departments and filtered according to individual needs in real time and with dpa quality.

The monitoring tool uses trackwords to searches the popular social networks as well as blogs and forums.


(belonged to gms until 31.12.2018) The dpa-Themendienst provides advice and service information.

Editorially managed, multimedia online news service in XML format for integration on websites.

dpa-Live offers live blogs for unusual, unplanned events such as terrorist attacks, but also for large events with short text snippets, photos, graphics and videos.

dpa-ElectionsLive offers live graphics for all the important elections.

Multimedia-based information such as results, statistics, team overviews and more about major sporting events.

dpa-Sports data
Sports data for websites, portals and other digital sports applications.

Screens & Teletext
Short, concise messages for display on screens in public spaces or for teletext playback and other on-screen applications.

news aktuell

Publishing network for companies, organizations and government agencies.

PR software with over 750,000 worldwide contact addresses for journalists, editors and bloggers.

dpa Picture-Alliance

Images (Stock)
Around 50 million images, graphics, illustrations and video clips from over 250 partner agencies around the world.

Photos on demand
Complete photo production, according to customer requests.


Financial News
Real-time and near-time financial news in German and English.


News transmission
Data transmission for news agencies in text, image, audio and video via satellite or Internet.

MoWaS (Modular Warning System)
Distribution of official announcements and notifications of danger for federal, state and local authorities.